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Ok, here's the scoop on the frequently, and not so frequently asked questions.

Q : Are Haruka and Michiru cousins?
A : No, Haruka and Michiru are not cousins. However, their American counterparts, Amara and Michelle are cousins.
If you would like to know more about these dubbed cousins, read this article for reasons why they were made cousins.

Q : Are Haruka and Michiru a gay couple?
A : Well, I don't really know. We don't see Haruka and Michiru romantically involved with anyone else, flirting not included.
Haruka does exclusive flirt with girls (Examples: Usagi, Makoto) however, Michiru seems only to flirt with men. (When she flirts at all.) An example of this being Seiya (Sailor Star Fighter, Star season, ep. 180)
So are Haruka and Michiru both exclusively gay? I don't know. You'd have to ask the creator, Takeuchi Naoko. (Though Naoko states that they are a couple, she doesn't say that they are explicitly homosexual, with absolutely no homosexual tendencies, to my knowledge.)
If you would like to learn more about homosexual relationships in Japan, checkout Shoujo Ai.

Q : Hey! How could you say that Haruka and Michiru aren't lovers?
A : Ok, I never said that they weren't lovers. In fact, I stated, in Their Love : The Nature of Haruka and Michiru's Relationship that they were lovers. A couple. In the question above I only speculated that they both might not be gay. Michiru may be bisexual. She may even be straight, and the only reason for loving Haruka is her destiny.

Q : Can I use your artwork?
A : Well, my artwork, no. I'm not a very good artist, so when I create something I feel is good enough to post, it's all mine, and no one can have it. (Same goes for anyother fanart, fics, etc.) All of my own art, as well as fanart, is clearly marked. You will know that you are not to take it.

Q : Can I use the pictures in your gallery?
A : Sure. Go a head. Unlike my own art, I didn't make these pictures. Most I didn't even scan in. So feel free to use them on your own site, with the understanding that I don't own them.

Q : Can I use your information?
A : Nope. Sorry. You'll have to gather and research on your own. I spent hundreds of hours watching SailorMoon, reading the manga, collecting cards for my information. You'll have to do the same.

Q : Can I use your quotes?
A : Again, no. I pretty much ruined my tapes pausing them so I could get the quotes in the first place.

Q : Can I link to Inherit the Wind?
A : Sure you can. I have a couple banners in Link ITW. If you don't like any of them, feel free to make your own banner. And I wouldn't mind if you sent it to me. (As you can tell, and as I've said before, graphics aren't my forte.)

Q : Will you link my site?
A : Well, that all depends. If I like the look of your page, and I agree with the content of your site, yes I will. If I decide that I won't, don't take it personally. I'm kind of a snob.

Q : Can I use your graphics?
A : Right now, I'm trying to create a collection of Haruka/Uranus and Michiru/Neptune graphics. Since art isn't my strong point, it's taking me a long time. (So far I've only 3 layouts.)
So when I get that up, you can use the graphics there. As for graphics on this site, there aren't that many, if any, and since I'm currently using them, no.

Q : Can I use your old layout?
A : No. You can not use my old layout. The Princess layout with the castles is very precious to me. It took me a very long time to make it, and I am still using it for my frames version.
I hope to soon post some other layouts that I have created. You will be able to use those.

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