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Well, color me surprised that people are actually visiting this sorry little burg of the net! If you're stopping on by here, thanks for the visit, and sorry that I haven't put in an update for about, oh, eight months or so.

Sorry to say that there'll probably be no major updates anytime soon, but if you're looking for lively debate about the best show on TV today (thanks to Adult Swim)

  • The Real Folk Blues Forum

    Enjoy and thanks for the visit!

    - E.K. Rivera


    Shucks Howdy, Cowpokes! Thanks for stopping on by my very new (and very very messy!) Cowboy Bebop site!

    Just to warn you, this site ain't exactly like any other one out there (for better or worse ...). I'll eventually have sections for Characters, Sessions, and Music among other things, but what'll be the main focus will be the many things which either influenced or are referenced in the show.

    Wanna see what I mean? Well then, check out:

  • Backbeat: Songs Inspiring The Sessions
    A list of the songs and albums which are either used as Session titles or referenced in/by Sessions.

  • And In The End ...
    A bit of a closer look at the tag-line "You're gonna carry that weight"

  • 6 + 20 = ???
    Know what Session 6 and Session 20 have in common? You just might be surprised ...

    There are also a few other wacky/random things, too, such as:

  • Fish
    Y'know, for a show about space bounty hunters, there sure are a lot of fish ...

  • Top of the Slide
    A closer look at the intro to the series and what it foreshadows about Cowboy Bebop.

    Like I mentioned before, things are a bit of a mess and I'm really sorry and I'll have things up and running (hopefully) in a jiffy!

    Thanks for stopping by, tho', and Enjoy!

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