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Another fun filled day... 12/23/00 ~Jamie
Hi welcome to the first update of my site.. Since this is the first update i doubt if anyone will read this for oh, say a week maybe. I'm working on getting the site and all of the pics and banners done. Shouldn't take too long.





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Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf

Based on the best-selling video game Fatal Fury for the Neo Geo, Nintendo, Playstation, and Sega game systems. One day in South Town, the young Terry Bogard and his younger brother, Andy, trained under Tung Fu Rue, their master and family friend. Under the hands of Geese Howard, Terry and Andy's soon-to- be archenemy, his thugs killed their world class martial artist stepfather brutally in front of their eyes. And they swear they will avenge their father's death ... while on the way ... they are teaming up with the charming Muay Thai champion Joe Higashi. And the brawl begins!!

Character Bio's
Image Gallery
Full Episodes
Sound Clips
Movie Clips


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