Site Updates

Tues. 06/22/2010: I've been reading Bride of Deimos, an old shojo/horror manga. Visit the info page - Bride of Deimos. Unfortunately, only part of the series was released in the U.S.

Thur. 10/15/2009: I made a Hakase Mizuki page in the manga section, Hakase Mizuki's Works. I added a little to the Empire of Midnight page and the Asian Beat page.

Thur. 09/24/2009: I saw the Eureka Seven movie in theaters tonight! I wrote a little rant about it in my blog.

Mon. 08/03/2009: I put up an anime page for Ouran High School Host Club. Eventually I want to get character description pages on there, but that may be a ways off.

Wed. 07/22/2009: I am currently expanding the X anime section by adding character descriptions from the TV series. Its such a big task, since X has so many characters, so it will take a little time for me to complete it.

Wed. 07/15/2009: Recently worked on my manga page for The Embalmer. Added a character description page with comparisons to the live action drama adaptation.