Empire of Midnight
- Mayonaka no Teikoku -

Empire of Midnight is the sequel to The Demon Ororon. It's very difficult to find any information about this manga over the internet in the English language. And you can find information about it in Japanese, but you have to know how to read kanji. I've driven myself nuts trying to find any scrap of info that I can on this manga, so I will post here what I have found.

(Wings issue 04 of 2001, where Empire of Midnight premiered)

Wings is a monthly manga magazine in Japan that has featured Demon Flowers, Baku, The Demon Ororon, and Empire of Midnight by Hakase Mizuki. Many other titles have run in Wings as well. The Demon Ororon premiered in Wings in 1998 and ran until January 2001 (19 installments). Starting in April of 2001, Empire of Midnight began its run. You can visit the Wings website, but it is entirely in Japanese.

Using the kanji text can help when searching for anything related to Empire of Midnight.
悪魔のオロロン - Akuma no Ororon (The Demon Ororon)
真夜中の帝国 - Mayonaka of Teikoku (Empire of Midnight)
水月博士 - Mizuki Hakase

Empire of Midnight - Serialization in Wings

Here are direct links to the back issues that contain Mayonaka no Teikoku on the Shinshokan website. All of these issues appear to be out of print, since there is no option to buy them like with some other back issues.

Feb. 2001: Wings issue 4 (out of print)
Jul. 2001: Wings issue 9 (out of print)
Aug. 2001: Wings issue 10 (out of print)
Oct. 2001: Wings issue 12 (out of print)
Jan. 2002: Wings issue 3 (out of print)

The following Website lists the page numbers that Empire of Midnight appear in in the back issues of Wings:
Contents Project (Japanese website)

- Issue 4, 2001: Feb. 2001 - on p. 79 for 39 pages
- Issue 9, 2001: Jul. 2001 - on p. 209 for 30 pages
- Issue 10, 2001: Aug. 2001 - on p. 127 for 12 pages
- Issue 12, 2001: Oct. 2001 - on p. 11 for 34 pages
- Issue 1, 2002: Nov. 2001 - on p. 205 for 40 pages
- Issue 3, 2002: Jan. 2002 - on p. 435 for 21 pages

(Note: the Shinshokan website does not list Empire of Midnight as appearing in issue 1 of 2002, so I don't know if issue 1 of 2002 actually has an installment or not.)

It looks like Empire of Midnight only ran for five or six installments. I don't know if the story was finished or left incomplete. Maybe it was a short sequel. Seems the only way to see Empire of Midnight is to get the appropriate back issues of Wings, but good luck, I have yet to find a way to get a hold of any.

Here are some fansites:
LiveJournal - Mizuki Hakase

There is also a community of Facebook for Hakase Mizuki fans:
Hakase Mizuki is a Badass!

This website has a small amount of scans from Empire of Midnight and other Hakase Mizuki stories. Pretty much just teaser pictures. Looks like a Korean fan site.
Bloody Black

So there is a sequel to The Demon Ororon out there in Japan. I have been unable to find copies of the appropriate Wings back issues. I once stated on this page that Empire of Midnight was incomplete, but I don't remember where I read that, so I have no idea if that is true or not, it could be a short sequel to The Demon Ororon. The only way we in the United States will ever see the sequel is if it is collected into a graphic novel and picked up by a U.S. publisher. We can only hope!

If anyone has any further information about Empire of Midnight, please e-mail me. It would be greatly appreciated!

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