- Kanojo Tachi no X Day -

Story Summary
X-Day is a story that revolves around 4 characters who all attend and work at the same school, but the main character is Rika, a girl who was once a track star but quit the team after an injury. Rika is also depressed because her boyfriend dumped her for her friend. One day Rika joins a chat room of people who think it would be a good idea to blow up the school, since they hate being there. Rika later meets the other 3 who like the idea of blowing up the school. One is a girl in her grade named Nanaka, who dresses in the loli-goth style. A boy a grade younger than them is Yumihiko, who is afraid of girls because his mother abuses him. Last of the group is Reichi, a biology teacher at the school who is anti-social, but has a woman stalking him and wanting to be his girlfriend. The 4 meet outside of school to discuss plans of blowing it up when no one is there, but spending time with each other helps them to cope with their problems.

My Opinion
A nice, short series.

General Information
Author: Setona Mizushiro
Volumes: 2
Genre: High School Drama
Age Rating: 16+
Years Run in Japan: 2002-2003
Japanese Publisher: Akita Shoten
US Distributor: Tokyopop
US Release Year: 2003
Made into Anime?: no
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