Featured Manga Titles

Here are some pages for some of my favorites.

(This list last updated: 11/04/2012)

Sorted by Author:

Erica Sakurazawa
(Angel - Angel's Nest - The Aromatic Bitters - Between the Sheets - Nothing But Loving You - The Rules of Attraction)

Hakase Mizuki
(Asian Beat - Baku - Demon Flowers - The Demon Ororon - Empire of Midnight - and more...)

Mitsukazu Mihara
(Beautiful People - Doll - The Embalmer - IC in a Sunflower - R.I.P.)

Sorted by Title:

Here is a list of some US manga publishers.

- Dark Horse
- Digital Manga Publishing
- Drama Queen
- Del Rey
- Go Comi
- VIZ Media