Pet Shop of Horrors
- Pet Shop of Horrors -

Story Summary
A long series of short stories involving a mysterious pet shop in Chinatown. The acting owner, Count D, sells common and rare animals that are sometimes unknown to humanity. If the owner doesn't follow the contract of rules for caring for their pet, things can get ugly. A local detective, Leon, is convinced that Count D is up to no good, and often acts as Count D's friend, but turns on him when he thinks he's caught his illegal acts. Most of the stories are great, whether scary, emotional, depressing, or touching.

My Opinion
An interesting series about eccentric people and the pets they get from Count D. Many stories are tragic and look into the darker side of humanity, but some have happy endings as well.
The original series only had 10 volumes, but Matsuri Akino has begun creating more volumes of Pet Shop of Horrors. Currently there are 5 volumes of the new series in Japan and Tokyopop is releasing the series in the U.S.

General Information
Author: Matsuri Akino
Volumes: 10 + 5 in a new series
Genre: Fantasy/Horror
Age Rating: 16+
Years Run in Japan: 1995-1998
Japanese Publisher: Ohzora Comic Creation
US Distributor: Tokyopop
US Release Year: 2003
Made into Anime?: yes (my Pet Shop of Horrors anime page)
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