Lament of the Lamb
- Hitsuji no Uta -

Story Summary
A story of a boy, Kazuna, who lives a simple life under the care of his father's friends, the Edas, ever since his mother died when he was young and his father left him. Lately Kazuna has been feeling dizzy and weak all the time, along with having strange dreams about his childhood. One day when he returns to his childhood home, he discovers his older sister is still living there. His sister, Chizuna, tells him that their family has a hereditary disease that makes them crave blood; which is the reason he's been feeling ill lately. Kazuna struggles to control his craving for blood and decides to leave the home of his guardians to live with the mysterious Chizuna. Kazuna falls into Chizuna's isolated world, but Kazuna's co-ed schoolmate, Yaegashi, refuses to let him disappear.

My Opinion
Lament of the Lamb is a tragic and twisted story about family secrets and deep emotional suffering. Kazuna starts off as a normal enough character, but after meeting his sister Chizuna, spirals down into a bleak and isolated world with her. Chizuna pretty much drags him down with her intense need of him, and her desire to be needed by him. Chizuna had had an unusual relationship with her father by trying to replace her mother for him. Its frustrating to see Kazuna shut himself away from the world and for Chizuna to encourage it. Yaegashi plays an important role by trying to understand and help Kazuna, and not wanting him to be so alone. Add Minase (Chizuna's childhood friend and personal doctor) and his unrequited love for Chizuna, the Eda's concern for Kazuna, and it all makes for a good drama.

The anime version of Lament of the Lamb follows the manga quite closely, leaving out some minor things to fit the series into 4 half hour episodes. The ending is basically the same, though the anime ends without the last few scenes that were in the manga, which adds a bit of hope to the otherwise grim story.
(I was able to watch Lament of the Lamb on Youtube by searching Hitsuji no Uta.)

Hitsuji no Uta translates to Song of the Sheep.

General Information
Author: Kei Toume
Volumes: 7
Genre: Vampire/Drama
Age Rating: 16+
Years Run in Japan: 1997-2003
Japanese Publisher: Scholar, Sony magazines Inc, & Gentosha Comics Inc
US Distributor: Tokyopop
US Release Year: 2004
Made into Anime?: yes
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