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Nami-chan welcomes you to a Picnic with Haruka and Michiru!
I haven't been able to work on this site for a while. But I've happily been adding pictures to the gallery in "Snap a Picture". I hope to keep getting more!
BTW I just rewatched the Super S Haruka-Michiru Special! I just love it! It's SO cute when Haruka is flirting with the nurse and Michiru walks in... lol!

8-18-02 Wow! After I made that last update (above) I've been getting a large inpour of emails regarding how to obtain the Haruka/Michiru Special! So I'll tell you all right now how to get your pretty little hands on it. The scoop is that it hasn't been commercially released in the US yet. That means buying from a fansub distributor. You can find tons of distro's from a search engine, and one I have used many times is Glass Rose Distribution. The actual title of the video is "Ami's First Love". This tape includes a story about Ami, an interview w/ the creators, a story about Chibi-usa and vampires, and the Haruka Michiru Special! I hope that helps everyone ^_^

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Haruka and Michiru are making out again!
Michiru, be careful! You know how Haruka can be all hands. It's too late once you've been caught by the wolf my little kitten!

Meet my adopted Tare Panda!
He is 5 cm in length and rolls at a rate of 2.75 miles per hour. His favourite food is a friut called swama. You can adopt a kawaii little panda here at Tare Pie!

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