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April 16:hey everyone! whoa..sorry i haven't written anything for a while...that's because i've been redoing this whole page again, but on geocities..i think it really way better because its easier to navigate and stuff..i used a lot of DHTML(Dynamic HTML) which is really awesome.
if ya wanna check it out as of right now here's the link

**remember: its still under construction!..i've only made like 4 pages....don't worry..i'll have it done by summer..before my 1 yr. anniversary of SERA MUUN SENSHI! thanks out there for everyone who has visited..



Character Profiles


Picture Gallery




My 411

Episode List

Real Audio/Movie Clips

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hEy....Arigato again!
This page is very new so it'll be
updated frequently..COME AGAIN!

~Last updated December 6, 2000~

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