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Save the Bish!!

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Welcome to the save the bish page! There are so many poor Bishojo and Bishonen out there who are destined for pain and angst in their little anime/manga worlds, but you can help them. Each week we'll put up and bishonen and bishojo that you can save from their painful destiney. Just e-mail to adopt your bish today!

June twenty-fourth, Saturday

Allen Schezar of Vision of Escaflowne
A classically tragic soul, poor Allen's father ran away to chase a dream, his mother died later on and his sister was kidnapped. He will be forced to lead a sad existance for most of his life if you don't save him and since Mene can't stand him, she may bump him off if someone doesn't adopt him. Beautiful, intelligent and thouroughly sleezy.

Sylphil of The Slayers!
If copy Rezo hadn't come along and blown up her whole city, and if Phibrizzio hadn't tortured the inhabitants by resurecting the whole city, and if Gourry and Lina weren't destined for each other, Sylphil would be fine. As it is, life sucks, but you can change that! Help this soft spoken and mannerly girl, who is an incredible healer to boot! There's nothing to loose!

Saturday the seventeenth of June
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this, but the internet is slow here and I don't have my scanner, so visuals will have to wait until September! ^_^; So here's double the bish for my lazieness!

Youji Kudo of Weiss Kreuz
If you don't help him this handsome man will have to endure the pain of having his beloved partner die. He will also have to become a professional killer and a playboy to keep the nightmares at bay. Countless heartbreaks and horrors await him as an assasin.
A cheerful person with a golden tongue, a not to miss oportunity!
Tuesday the sixteenth of May, 200

Suh of Clover
A quiet young Lady, who spends her entire life cloistered away with only magical animals as companions. The only person she ever feels close to dies and she is utterly alone. This girl will never be able to live a normal life without your help!
A beautiful singer, a talented magician and a truly sweet girl. Make her life a little happier!
Zechs of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Ethics, morals, grudges, loyalties, Zechs has a lot on his mind. Tprn between what is best to do for the moment or the future, Zech's life is in a tangle. It forces him to lead a duplicitous and stressful existance.
Cool, self possesed, an impressive fighter, complete with deep sexy voice:p. Zechs is one of the best tragic bishs in need of help!

Miyu of Vampire Miyu
Born a vampire forced to kill her mother by the calling of her blood and alienated by the entire world, Miyu has practically nothing.
A girl with haunting yellow eyes and a mesmerizing smile. She is someone you will always want to remember.
img src ="/anime/wyrdsisters/images/chibaya.gif">
Ran Fujimiya of Weiss Kreuz
How much pain does this poor young man have to go through? His parents die, his sister is in a coma and he has to become a professional assasin, which just brings about more hardship than anyone could imagine. Who can let this nice person go through all that? Save Ran from a brooding existance. He is a nice, quiet person with a beautiful voice. Don't you want to hear him laugh?

Sailor Galaxia of Sailor Moon
This woman was lonely and searched for a bright star. The unfortunate part is that this caused her to turn evil. Unless you save her you will never know what a lovely person she could have been. By also adopting her you save many other lives, those of the poor victims, who's souls she would have stolen. Change the future, adopt a bish!

Monday the eighth of May, 2000

Fioret of the Sailor Moon R movie
This unfortunate alien is going to spend his entire life alone, except for the brief time when he makes friends a nice young boy named Mamoru. Sadly he is so convinced that everyone will betray everyone in the end that he lets himself be possessed by a evil flower, tries to kill of Mamoru OTL and instead manages to hurt dear Mamoru. Did I mention that in the end he'll kill himself to save the afore mentioned girl friend? Not a good life. He needs to be taken away from all this before he can be ruined by it and YOU can help! He has a charming personality and will be your friend for life if you E-mail us today!

Aya-chan of Weiss Kreuz
Life is not good when your parents get blown up, your brother becomes a professional killer and you're in a coma for two years of your life. A sweet girl like Aya doesn't deserve that.

Don't forget when you order, you are garunteed to get pictures of your bish and updates on how your bish is doing in his/her new life. A small letter can save a life. Save your Bish today!

Monday the first of May, 2000

Yasha-au of RG Veda
A taciturn warrior who is going to be killed by the child he saved from the depths of a dark forest, who unfortunatly is the incarnation of the God of war.
Yasha-au may not say much, but he is excelent at defending people. He is also thoughtful and amusingly inept at dealing with children. Did I mention he makes great faces when annoyed? Don't let him die! One short e-mail can save a life!
Asuka of Weiss Kreuz
This detective faces the fate of being thought dead, kidnapped, brainwashed and basically getting the shortest end of any deal. Not to mention her trials put poor Youji through a lot of pain.
A charming enough person to haunt Youji's every thought. Need I say more?

Please order your Bish before they are out of Stock!
April 23, 2000

Hotohori of Fushigi Yugi
This nice young man is fated to fall in love with a girl, Miaka, who will never return his affections. When he does find an OTL (One True Love) he will be swept away from her in the tumultous battle of Suzaku and Seiryuu.
He is young, particularly handsome if he does say so himself! Educated, royal, house-trained :p and loyal and romantic. Please help this poor bish!

Oka of Weiss Kreuz
A lovely girl who is going to have the misfortue of falling for the wrong guy and is going to end up being uselessly shot.
She is cheerful, easy-going, nice, tenacious and has stunning blue hair. She needs your help. E-mail us today!