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A Fateful Encounter: Why Aya Never Joined Weiss

From the girl who brought you The Alternate Ending to Tokyo Babylone and helped in the creation of Kamui I am Your... page comes another twisted tale from the mind of Mene.
OK this is pretty self evident, but there are a couple things I should tell you. 1)this story was inspired by the weiss manga. If you haven't read it, going here will help you know where this story is comming from. 2) I don't own the manga, and thus could not scan any of the pictures. As a result I chose to draw them and since my style is so different from the author's Aya came out looking rather chibified. I think he still gets the point across, and, Yes, I did draw a couple of the Kamuis towards the end, so that they would match the Ayas.
Let the show begin!