An Alternate Ending for Tokyo Babylon

Hello all, this is Mene speaking. This slightly deranged page was my creation. It is what happens when you have been reading much too much CLAMP of late and you realize that most of the male characters have that "ichi" sort of name. T hough this was my idea I never could have done it without techno girl Artemis! She's the one who scanned on all the images and edited them. But I must tell you that any oddities about the pictures, such as blurriness, distortion, or er my fingernails, are purely my fault, because my poor Tokyo Babylons practically fall apart if you look at them. Waaaaaah! Sniff Sniff. So I wouldn't let her handle them, hence the imperfect pictures. Well without further ado here is my wacked out alternate ending for Tokyo Babylon.

So what did you think?? E-mail us! We love all mail: comments, questions, compliments, death threats :p
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