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This project is for the sole purpose to keep sp's music forever alive. They have touched my life along with millions of others in such a way that only they could have. I love them, very very much.

Here at 'speternal' you will not find much of what all the other sp sites contain. There are no image galleries, fonts, lyrics, tabs, news, shit, etc.

What you will find however, are three of more important things concering the smashing pumpkins and their music.

These three things Are:

1.)  A detailed smashing pumpkins bootlist, containg tracklists, venues, notes, original artwork & details. On this list I do not post anything I do not own myself, so it is by far the truest one you will find.

2.)  A comprehensive gigology with setlists, length, availabilty listings, venues and recording info (video + audio). The gigology is a collabaration of 3 people's work, and more than half of it is under © to Dave Asselin and his legacy. This is the only one still online.

3.)  A list of all known and verified sp bootlegs as well as the notable questioned ones...with lynks to all available images of their original art. Including covers, backs, discs and liners. I am always adding to this as I find new images, so visit it often. Enjoy!

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Thank you, for visiting 'speternal'

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