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Now for the CoRnY story!

The smell of popcorn and sticky cotton candy wafts through the air. A huge crowd of gawking visitors walk down the muddy path to the entrance of The Sideshow of Internet Oddities. As our guest enters the sideshow, visitors begin to swarm around a nearby cage labeled Shashunk (evil-ness incarnat-ness). Our hostess Shashunk stands near the front of the cage, facing the audience. "Welcome!" she yells as many of her visitors cower with fear. Suddenly, a misguided brat ventures too close to her enclosure. Shashunk spies the miscreant and leaps toward her bars and rattles them menacingly. The boy 'eeps' with terror as his mother races forward to comfort him. "Don't look directly into her eyes." mutters the mother to her bewildered son.

Shashunk sweat-drops and continues, "Follow me along the twisted path that leads to Shashunk's humble little site...MUHAHAHAHA!" A squeak of protest echoes from a cage on our hostess' left. Everyone turns to face the cage that is labeled Mr. Mongoose (always-ess griping-ess). Shashunk sighs as a small mongoose begins to gesticulate madly in his tiny cage. The miffed little creature then points an accusing paw at Shashunk and squeaks some mongoose obscenities. Shashunk groans and tries to calm him, "Okay, okay. I'll change it." The mongoose arches one bushy brow and 'humphs'. "I'll change it!" The mongoose ceases squeaking and smiles slightly as he twitches his whiskers. Shashunk turns to her audience, sighs, and smiles, "This is Mr. Mongoose, my trusty sidekick. He has a very high opinion of himself and demands billing in the site name." The little mongoose begins to stomp his feet for effect. Shashunk watches the mongoose's temper tantrum, sighs, then begins to speak, "To reiterate, welcome to Shashunk AND Mr. Mongoose's humble little site." Mr. Mongoose squeaks happily, turns to a wooden board that is lying in his cage, and begins to scribble words upon it. Shashunk watches him awhile, then turns to the group, "He's pretty smart for a mongoose, huh?" Mr. Mongoose holds up his small sign: 'Right now OUR site contains Dragon Ball Z, Final Fantasy VII, and Revolutionary Girl Utena.' Shashunk sweat-drops, "Well, it sort of contains all that..." She clears her throat, "Eventually, it will also contain Lunar Silver Star Story Complete." Mr. Mongoose glares at her as she continues, "But... right now we can barely get this done!" Mr. Mongoose nods his head in agreement. Shashunk checks her watch and shakes her head, "Well, enough of this blabbing. It's time we get the tour started!" Shashunk points the visitors towards a large tent labeled 'Shashunk AND Mr. Mongoose's humble little site.' "Have fun in there!" she calls, as Mr. Mongoose and herself struggle to pick the locks to their cages.