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Shunkie AND Mr. M's Humble Little Site- Utena,DBZ,FFVII,Inane ramblings,and rabid mongooses....

Mr. Mongoose holds up a large, hastily thrown together, sign with barely legible print reading : 'Sorry, a few of the areas are still under construction.'

Shashunk patiently waits for the guest, "I know this is the last thing you want to'read'...whatever...but please let this page fully load. Things such as the MIDI player don't work as quickly if the page is still downloading." Mr. Mongoose squeaks from some unknown location. Shashunk sighs heavily and makes a mental note to beat the annoying sidekick after this discussion."So you don't get...'upset' with me because of the load time know this, the mongoose and I are working as hard as we can to speed up the page bear with us!" A 'DING' echoes through the air and Shashunk runs off to get her microwave popcorn.

A few minutes later, Shashunk stands in the middle of the site eating a rather large bag of extra butter popcorn. Mr. Mongoose races toward her and begins to dance up and down making movements and gestures. Shashunk groans (because she dislikes charades) and instead of guessing, she hands the distraught mongoose a wooden sign and pen. Mr. Mongoose is now ecstatic that he can communicate and he begins to furiously scribble words on the sign. When finished, he eagerly shows the sign to Shashunk : 'Can I have some popcorn?' Shashunk smiles and reaches her hand into the bag, only to find that she ate all the popcorn while watching the charade game. She shrugs and hands the empty bag to the mongoose. Mr. Mongoose grabs the bag and reaches in with his little furry paw. Upon finding nothing but the butter residue, Mr. Mongoose sighs and begins to lick the pseudo butter of his fingers. Just then, Shashunk spies the guest and begins to speak,"I'm sorry for anyone who has come here for LOL. I've had major problems changing the profile so it still pulls us up for Legaia. I hate to tell you but LOL is a 'now deceased' section of this site. Speaking of click here for the Legend of Legaia memorial page: Lol *sniff* page." Shashunk and Mr. Mongoose hold a moment of silence for the long gone section. Then Mr. Mongoose turns and 'eeks' at her about something off subject, which in translation reads: 'Wait a second, why don't I have more of a mention in the logo?' Shashunk pretends to not hear him,"The new logo is finally up. Though it may be changed a tiny bit that is basically it!"

Suddenly, cut to a news room. Shashunk and Mr. Mongoose wear modest business suits as they sit in the anchor chairs. Shashunk turns to the screen and begins to speak,
Update Overall: Ack, we are running out of space....again. Hopefully Angelfire will be granting us more soon.
Update Main
: I think this is worthly of the update, the answers to the PYB quiz are FINALLY up. Go see how ya rank! We have a guestbook and message board. Sign them to make Mr. Mongoose happy." Mr. Mongoose begs on paws and knees for the guest to sign. Shashunk snickers,"Don't look TOO desperate now." Mr. Mongoose grumbles at her.
Update DBZ : More images are just itching to be uploaded soon.
Update FFVII : Mr. Mongoose has actually been working hard and has the beginnings of the image gallery waiting to be uploaded.
Update Utena : The image gallery is in full swing and many more images will be added soon.
Update Fan-fic : Some very rough sketches of two of the main characters in 'Liberi Fatali' are now posted. Chapter four of 'The Stone'is taking A LOT longer then I was expecting it to, with Finals weeks and several other 'distractions' I'm not sure when it will be done...I am trying though :) The teaser logo and summary for the new fic 'Liberi Fatali' is posted."
Update U.S.A.S.F: The first part of 'Sidekick Trouble' is now up!
Update P.Y.B Quiz : Now don't go into a shock induced brain hemorrhage complete with random twitching....the answers to the last PYB quiz are...(dun dun DAAAAAA)...UP! Aahhhhh! Now come on, wipe that rabid foam from your lips and guide your wittle mousey over to that page...good, I knew you could!
Mr. Mongoose jumps on to the news desk and begins to do a little jig, Shashunk ignores him, "I know that some sections of the site are taking quite awhile to finish, but the mongoose and I are really trying to get all the image galleries up..." Mr. Mongoose begins to dance 'the mongoose happy dance' which is fairly hard to describe. Let's just say he's...umm... 'really' happy. Shashunk watches the 'happy mongoose dance' for a few seconds, sweatdrops, then tries to move on, "Little does the mongoose know but I have decided he will be the one to pose for the new buttons." Upon hearing Shashunk, Mr. Mongoose stops mid mongoose-ian step. He watches Shashunk, then decides that fleeing at this time may weigh in his favor. Unfortunately for him, the speed of his mongoos-ian thought processes is utterly archaic. So by the time the mental gears have ground one whole rotation and he has decided to flee, Shashunk already has him halfdressed in Cloud's costume. With an 'ugh' of annoyance the disgruntled sidekick looks at the pile of costume still waiting to be worn. After pulling the rest of the costume on the furry beastie, Shashunk wipes her brow then speaks to him, "Now get over there and stand in for the buttons." Mr. Mongoose finally hunches over in defeat and shuffles over in place of the buttons. Shashunk grins triumphantly as the mongoose groans. She finally turns and addresses the guest, "Go ahead and click on Mr. Mongoose to get to the main page links. If you can't figure out who he is trying to be simply threaten him with your mouse and he'll surely whimp out and tell ya." Shashunk smiles happily as she watches the irate mongoose jump from button to button. Just as she turns to leave she hears a low, piteous moan from behind her. Shashunk turns to see what problems the mongoose has caused for himself. Mr. Mongoose doesn't even show her a sign he simply holds up the Utena button costume....
Mr. M holds up a sign: 'DBZ here' Mr. M holds up a sign: 'FFVII here' Mr. M holds up a sign: 'Shunkie's Fan Fics here'

'Here are the U.S.A.S.F stories!' 'Here's the Pick Your Brain Quiz!' Mr. M holds up a sign:'Utena here'

'This is the oddness page which is...(cough)..odd'

Shashunk clears her throat, "Here is information on some of the main contributors to this site." Shashunk grins, "I placed their different screen names in you can bug them!" Shashunk begins to cackle maniacally, Mr. Mongoose just shakes his head and sighs.
Shashunk begins to laugh,'Master of all kudzu.'Mr. Mongoose adds, ''

Shashunk 'ahems' then speaks,"In case you really like this site" *Mr. Mongoose chuckles from an unknown location* "Here is the link to my banner." El Banner-o

*Shashunk points at the guest* 'Come on..e-mail me..I like feedback! Heh'


Shashunk begins to scream, 'To chat with me!'

Shashunk giggles, 'Go here for our message board!'

Click here for our free e-mail!

Shashunk watches Mr. Mongoose create another sign. "What are you up to now? She grumbles as he holds up his new creation which reads : Ooooooo so here it is...*dun dun daaa* the disclaimer! This site is made by a poor little Shashunk (and mongoose) hoping to promote Dragonball Z, Final Fantasy, and Revolutionary Girl Utena. No copyright infringement is intended. This site is non-profit *Shashunk dreams of actually receiving money* and is only used to educate the public about these topics and broaden the fan don't sue me...all you'll get is a slightly used ever-present mallet. Shashunk blinks several times, and stares at the large sign.

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