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They are perfect for sticking on your wall, or just about anywhere! Stick them to your car your binder or anywhere. Note: The normal Cute Lil' Sailor Moon stickers series has been discontinued and now is available is the Cute Lil Prism Series. These stickers are the same design as the normal ones however they are just prisms.

Item No.Item DescriptionPriceNotes
RSK01 Cute Lil' Prism Sailor Moon Sticker $2.59 -
RSK02 Cute Lil' Prism Sailor Mercury Sticker $2.59 -
RSK03 Cute Lil' Prism Sailor Venus Sticker [Sold Out!] $2.59 -
RSK04 Cute Lil' Prism Sailor Jupiter Sticker $2.59 -
RSK05 Cute Lil' Prism Sailor Mars Sticker $2.59 -
RSK06 Cute Lil' Prism Sailor Chibi-Moon Sticker [Sold Out!] $2.59 -
RSK07 Cute Lil' Prism Sailor Uranus Sticker $2.99 -
RSK08 Cute Lil' Prism Sailor Neptune Sticker [Sold Out!] $2.99 -
Order Now!

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