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I struggled with the title for this page. Originally, I was going to call it The Real Confederacy of Dunces (with apologies to John Kennedy Toole) because if there was ever a more dedicated collection of clowns outside of the profession (of clowns, that is), I've never seen it. Had Notary Sojac assaulted the stage in a small clown car in which they extricated themselves--- amps, instruments and all--- I would not have been surprised, for humor was as important to their sets at times as was the music. Their addition to their shows of the venerable Drippy Moon, juggling comic that he was, underwrites their respect for life as comedy. Or maybe it was comedy as life. Regardless, here is a listing of the clowns who allowed us to witness their life as a musical comedy, and gave us the music which made it, to us, the stuff of legend.

Notary Sojac was an amalgamation of musicians from two groups: The Warloks (Portland) and The Quirks (Boise), with a nod at Faith (Boise). The following is a list of those two bands, plus the ongoing morphing of the beast that was Sojac.

THE WARLOKS (1966-1967)

Bob Koski (guitar, vocals)
Steve Koski (guitar, vocals)
Jon Kiski (drums)
Marty Stites (vocals, tambourine)
Jerry Noyes (bass, vocals)
The final months of the band, the following were added:
Steve Arrell (drums, vocals)
Ken Allen (keyboards, vocals)

THE QUIRKS (1965-1968)

Tom McMeekan (guitar, vocals)
Leo Lawrence AKA Leo Brickey (guitar, vocals)
Mike Marks (drums)
Glade Johnson (bass)

After a terrible boating accident in which Glade Johnson was severely injured, the band added
Lew Johnson (bass)
Justin Bonner (vocals)

Lew Johnson
was drafted in the Fall of 1966, at which time Corky Young took over on bass. Shortly thereafter, in early '67, the band split up, Tom McMeekan and Corky Young heading for Denver for greener musical pastures. The rest of the band returned to Boise, the new lineup being:

Mike Marks (drums, keyboards)
Dennis Mullikin (guitar)
Judy Bonner (vocals)
Justin Bonner (vocals, drums)
Leo Lawrence (guitar)

In May or June of '67, Tom McMeekan replaced Dennis Mullikin on guitar. The band finally dissolved in early 1968.

A sad sidenote: Dennis Mullikin passed away last year. He will be remembered by his fellow musicians and many fans as a great friend and superb guitarist. R.I.P.

FAITH (1968)

Tom McMeekan (guitar, vocals)
Will Herold (keyboards, vocals)
Jim Lowry (bass)
Mike Marks (drums)


Tom McMeekan (guitar, vocals, composer)
Bob Koski (guitar, trumpet, flue, vocals, percussion, composer)
Steve Koski (guitar, pedal steel, alto sax, vocals, composer)
Will Herold (organ, electric piano, vocals, composer)
Jim Lowry (electric and string bass)
Justin Bonner (drums, vocals)
Mike Marks (drums, vibes)

Justin Bonner was the lone drummer through August '69. Mike Marks was added September 6th. There were two drummers until February of 1970 when Bonner left the band. In May of 1970, Mark Mower replaced Mike Marks . Then, for two weeks beginning December 4, 1970, Mike Marks once again filled in on drums, replacing Mark Mower until Mario Bolivar took over. December of 1971 found Dave Rodakowski on drums and the middle of March, Doug Ness was added, Rodakowski leaving the next week. Thus, the lineup from March 31, 1972 through August, 1974 was:

Tom McMeekan (guitar, slide guitar, vocals, composer)
Steve Koski (guitar, pedal steel, alto sax, vocals, composer)
Will Herold (organ, electric piano, vocals, composer)
Bob Koski (guitar, trumpet, flue, vocals, percussion, composer)
Jim Lowry (electric and string bass)
Doug Ness (drums)

In the words of Steve Koski: "After August, 1974, after Notary Sojac finished the Tioga recording sessions, Tom McMeekan left the band. The group played a few gigs in 1975 without him. Also in 1975, all of the members of Notary Sojac (sans Tom) joined with other local Eugene, Oregon musicians to play all original music as Z'Orchestra for a few concerts. Then, SOJAC was formed, leaving the Notary to history and memory."

SOJAC (1975-1976)

Steve Koski
Jim Lowry
Doug Ness
Cam Newton (guitar, vocals, composer)
Carol Kagy (vocals)
John Workman (keyboards)

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