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Notary Sojac played many, many gigs during their too-short existence. Luckily, Steve Koski kept an elaborate journal of dates and residual information which some fans may find interesting. Perhaps you were there?

Charix, Portland OR
The first Notary Sojac performance--- first song was a doo-wop parody and the crowd thought it was great!

Bullfrog Rally, St. Helens OR
Outdoors rally supporting Bullfrog (a rock festival).

Bullfrog #3, St. Helens OR
Rock festival with the Grateful Dead and others.

The Attic, Eugene OR
First gig in Eugene, where a large fan-base developed.

Portland State University, Portland OR
Peace Rally, Viet Nam Moratorium

Springer's Ballroom, Portland OR
Appeared with Charlie Musselwhite Blues Band.

Springer's Ballroom, Portland OR
Appeared with Country Joe and the Fish.

Dammasch Hospital, Wilsonville OR
Benefit for inmates and patients.

The Attic, Eugene OR
Appeared with Total Eclipse from Portland. Bob and Steve Koski put on a surprise performance: "The Concerto for Obtuse Instruments," using sliding hybrid creations, including sliding microphone stands fitted with sax and trumpet mouthpieces, and garden hose.

Bellarmine Prep, Tacoma WA
Appeared with The Seeds ("Pushin' Too Hard").

Portland State University, Portland OR
Demonstration/Strike against the invasion of Cambodia and other war issues. Two thousand people attended. Great standing ovations for "Daniel" and "Ritual" with half the crowd standing.

University of Oregon, Eugene OR
Appeared with Eric Burdon and War at Mac Court. Our truck broke down on I-5 and we arrived late. Not an inspired gig!

The Attic, Eugene OR
"Simply the best job we ever played" up till then, Steve wrote. It was recorded. The Attic had that warm, infectious energy and ambience for audience connection.

Autzen Stadium, Eugene OR
Appeared with the Chambers Brothers and Roxy.

College of S. Idaho, Twin Falls ID
Appeared with The Carpenters.

Capital High School, Boise ID
Appeared with The Carpenters yet again.

The Mardi Gras, Boise ID
Incredible gig with over 600 people. Enthusiastic response worthy of The Attic, with people hopping and going wild. Boise was hometown for Tom, Jim, and Will... a great welcome back. We earned $447.25! More than we got for the two Carpenters' gigs combined!

The Coliseum, Spokane WA
Appeared with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. Only played six songs. They were recorded.

Sgt. Pepper's, Boise ID
Classic scene like Mardi Gras... 300 to 400 people went wild, hopping from the start, New Year's Eve. On our finale, "Ritual," the entire crowd was up jumping, dancing and circling, holding hands. Gee, folks, don't you just kinda miss that?

Lane Community College, Eugene OR
Appeared with the Grateful Dead. This is the famous fiasco about which some anecdotes can be found elsewhere on these pages (Ed. note: coming soon!). Notary Sojac and the New Riders opened the show. Counterfeit tickets and gate-crashing changed the complexion of the game, down the stretch.

Pythian Hall, Portland OR
"Notary SANDjac"... a brainchild realized! An incredible daring concert combining Sand, an excellent original Portland group, and Notary Sojac. Both played separate sets, then alternated single songs, and ended by combining both groups on a final song especially arranged for conjoined bands. There will be a memoir of the event in these pages. Eventually, if the musical gods are willing, a live recording of it will be included on a future CD release.

Oregon State University, Corvallis OR
Appeared with Rare Earth. The audience really liked Sojac. Rare Earth was late.

Scarborough Faire, Eugene OR
Concert and live radio broadcast on local FM station.

Portland State University, Portland OR
Concert with Providence, another group of musicians from Portland with whom Sojac formed solid bonds.

2/22 through 2/28/73
Medford & Ashland OR/Chico et. al. CA
Tour of Southern Oregon and Northern California by Notary Sojac and performers Drippy Moon (juggler extraordinaire), Buz Becuz (mime), and dancer Polly Dolly. Billed as "Dr. Sundaze Mystical Medicine Show." Best shows were at The Odyssey in Chico.

Salem Armory, Salem OR
Appeared with jazz musician John Handy.

Scarborough Faire, Eugene OR
Concert and live radio broadcast on local FM station. Drippy Moon juggled. The audience loved the concert, especially after months of not hearing Notary Sojac in their own hometown.

Captain Coyote's, Olympia WA
"The Return of Zoid" occurred on this final evening of a six-night stand in a blah tavern just this side of nowhere. There are tales told elsewhere in these pages of this mighty and legendary burst of creativity by the band which seemed to emanate and flow from the group's imaginations and fingers. Captured in a recording soon to be made available to the public.

Portland State University, Portland OR
Appeared with jazz guitarist Larry Coryell.

Oregon State Hospital, Salem OR
Benefit for the hospital. Steve wrote: "Sunny, on the lawn with young and old patients. It was a very beautiful experience, emotional. A great joy, seeing these people in the sunlight enjoying themselves and the music. One homely but beautiful girl (reminiscent of Gelsomina in 'La Strada') was beaming a smile, beating a tambourine and dancing with a trailing scarf. An elderly lady in a wheelchair seemed to love it."

Varsity Theatre, Ashland OR
"Cin-a-rock!" A strange, experimental indoor rock festival movie with intermittent live performances on stage by Notary Sojac and another guy playing guitar, singing, and announcing portions of the show. The movie (mediocre) was called "Free," and was about a New York rock festival.

Roseburg Fairgrounds, Roseburg OR
Appeared with The Sons of Champlin.

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