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Hudson Valley Gourmet

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Pricing Information


My service includes an assessment of your needs, a customized menu, personalized shopping, cost of groceries, meal preparation, food storage, heating instruction, clean up & trash removal. On your scheduled cooking date, I shop for only the freshest ingredients of the season. I arrive at your home at a pre-arranged time, cook the meals you have chosen, package them for individual use and storage and leave your kitchen as I found it on my arrival. The only difference you will see is a refrigerator and/or freezer stocked with meals for use on your personal schedule! You will always have the choice of your own favorite foods at hand, prepared from the freshest ingredients the market offers. 

There is an order minimum of 3 entrees for each scheduled cooking date. Each meal is composed of one entrée with one appropriate side dish. A typical Cooking Date consists of 5 entrées (4 portions per entrée) with an appropriate side dish for $350. Additional side dishes can be added at a cost of $5.00 per entrée.  Pricing will be adjusted according to your specific needs upon completion of your client assessment.

            Catering for dinner parties or special events is discussed on a per event basis.

Please call (914) 332-7939 for pricing.



Karla Tonning, Your Personal Chef


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