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The Members

Garret Bradley

Garret, (Pictured with the acoustic guitar used on the first album, and mostly used on Tux Rides Again), is a sexy man, even if he looks liek carrot top. He is a lady killer, and comes up with most of the song titles/riffs for the songs. He enjoys long walks on the beach and fine wine

Palmer acoustic guitar (Pictured)
Jackson guitar
Digitech pedal

Henry Yarsinske

Henry plays the other guitar, and sings on most of the tracks. He enjoys fine art and playing shuffleboard.

Magnum acoustic guitar (with a bad intonation problem)
Squier Affinity P-Bass (pictured, not on any of the albums)
Casio Keyboard (also pictured, also not on any of the albums)

Other Equipment used
The Singing Machine! Karioke machine

2003 Flying Fish Records