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Tux Rides Again out January 12th!



PiggyBanana's first album, recorded 1/27/02 in Garret's bedroom!


1. Ukulele
2. Tux Rides Again
3. Strapping Young Italian Boy
4. PiggyBanana
5. Chuck the Fish
6. Eat Cow
7. Wiggly Meat
8. Commercial Song

On this album, we talk alot about Spenser. Who is Spenser, you may ask? Spenser was in the room with us while we recorded this album, he said and did nothing, we just decided to throw him in there.

H. Yarsinske/G. Bradley/S.Sado 2002/2003 Flying Fish Records

Tux Rides Again

Info coming soon! Listen to the new single on the audio page!

2003 Flying Fish Records