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We manufacture almost all type of Weather related instruments

Anemometer Anemometer IS : 5912 : 1970
Used to measure the wind speed.

The accurate measurement of wind speed is one of the main ...
Windvane Windvane IS:5799:1970
Used to indicate the direction from which the wind is blowing.

A windvane consists of a horizontal ...
Raingauge Raingauge IS:5225 :1969
Used to measure Rain fall.

Rainfall measurement is used for the fields of agriculture, irrigation, ...
Thermo-hygrograph Thermo-hygrograph TH-01
Used to measure Temperature & Humidity on single chart (25 hour)
Made as per ISI 5900-1970 standard
Open Pan Evaporimeter Open Pan Evaporimeter PAN
Used to measure the evaporation of water.

The measurement of water evaporation is important ...
Stevenson Screen Stevenson Screen
The housing for Thermometer, Hygrometer & other instruments.

Thermometer Screen is used to ...
SunShine Recorder SunShine Recorder SSR
The Sunshine Recorder is used for the accurate measurement of the duration of bright sunshine at a place. ...
Thermometer THERM-001
Used to measure Temperature
Sediment Sampler Sediment Sampler USD-61
It is a sampler for collection of suspended sediment samples. A wading road sampler suspension is used ...
Water Stage Level Recorder (Chart Type) Water Stage Level Recorder (Chart Type) WLR-Chart
The water level RECORDS to be used under this service condition will be used on gauging stations on open ...
Water Current Meter (with digital meter) Water Current Meter (with digital meter) IS 3910 - 1966
Used to measure the Water flow velocity in River, Canal & calculate the mass of water flowing.
Digi Anemometer Digi Anemometer DANM
Used to measure the wind velocity.

A low friction rotating vane anemometer and its rotation ...
All type of Hydrological, Meteorological & River-gauging Instruments

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