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How my private lessons work
One great advantage of keeping in contact with me is by sending your essays and other work by e-mail - so that you receive an almost immediate correction and feedback - so keep my e-mail address handy. Please check out my study guides. Payment can be made either through paypal account or through my listing on E-Bay.
Lessons, usually hourly, are conducted at my home or the student's home(at a marginally higher cost). If the student decides to use my services: I provide secure and skillfull teaching to enable him/her to confront the subject with utmost confidence.
In depth notes are supplied on all components of Literature for I undertake research in the student's particular area of interest, ie; Drama, Novel, Poetry, Journalism and Media Studies. Importantly, I help in getting the student to write award winning essays by providing templates to reach a well-structured and meaningfull essay.
In essence, my aim is to help the student, quickly as possible to appreciate, analyse and write about any aspect of Literature in a well-informed manner.