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English Language and Literature Tutor

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private tutor English literature Welcome to my home page.
My Name is John Bailey and I am a freelance tutor of English. I do hope you take a minute and check out my services to see if they fit your needs. I give private English tuition to students studying for Scottish Standard or Higher grade in the Edinburgh area. I am an experienced and qualified English teacher of twenty years standing.
I live in Clermiston Avenue, not far from the city centre on Bus routes: 41, 32, and 1.
I can help those students struggling to understand textual analysis and how to apply literary terms in assessment of extracts or complete novels. In drama too, whether it be Shakespeare or a modernist, I help the student to understand the conventions of drama and how to write about about a selected play in a scene by scene development. In the vast landscape of Literature; poetry often presents a problem in understanding the exact meaning implied by the poet - and here, through my help, students are equipped and prepared to present papers and do well in exams. Please check out my essential study guides - payments can be made either through paypal account or through my listing on E-bay


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