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You are at the Interesting Hobby page.
On this page I discuss interesting hobbies.  Of course those are hobbies that are of interest only to me, not you.  So, don't bother trying to contact me with dumb hobbies.  I don't care about your train collection, or your unique collection of world stamps, or your "World's Largest Statue of David" made from earwax. If you don't like it then you can link back to the home page or go to the dirty pictures.

So what is of interest to me?  Well first of all I like baseball.  Not that major league crap with all those trillionaires.  It's the little league stuff that is fun to watch when it is still played for fun.
max hit
My other hobby is horses and riding, as long as we're talking English style.  None of that Western-gonna-rest-my-butt-in-the-saddle stuff.
Ash ride