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Thursday August 28th, 2003
Update at 18:21
HEYZ!!!!!! sorry for the long update.. its because ive been addicted to game programming... hahahaha.. i finally got my very first game's beta version done... =) Here is a screenshot

i know its not that good.. but still its my first one!!! =D
Thursday August 7th, 2003
PLans at 23:45
ICE ' 03 PICS R UP!!!!
Click here
hmm some major construction will be going on these few weeks.. so my webpage mite b unstable.. but here r hte plans:
Locking diary - - 0% done
Making an unhackable login screen - - 40% done
Upload ICE'03 pics - - 100% done
Upload Junior Camp pics - - 0% done
Games Section - - 0% done
Gossip Section - - 0% done
Entertainment Section - - 0% done
My two cents - - 0% done
New Layout - - 0% done
expect some new things to come!!
-- himothyy
Friday August 1st, 2003
My Hitlist at 17:45
Added- My Hitlist
Fixed some bugs in Login Screen for daily thoughts, plus updated daily thoughts... I'm going to stop updating this page for a while.. due to the fact i'll be at camp.. and won't be back till wednesday.. see u all then!!
Thursday July 31th, 2003
Added Stuff at 23:05
Added- Daily Thoughts - Password Protected... so annoying people wont see my true thoughts
Fixed some bugs in idee section.. and thats about it!
Sunday, July 27th, 2003

Site is up! at 0:22
Horray!!! The site is up!!! Hopefully it will continue to b up for a while.. well at least until I get tired of it.. =)

Added Sections - Main Page, Computers

Rest soon to come!