Things to ponder

This page is a collection of memorable and odd and thought provoking things and just ramdom ideas people have said.. in my hearing.. If you are easily offended or not open minded i would not suggest that you read on.
I may not be a ten legged toad….
Film director Akira Kurosawa

Life’s a bitch and then you die, so F**K the world and lets get high
(found in a Friendship Book)

I was here but not for long, I left my name to turn you on, Those who know me know me well, and those who don’t, can go to hell
(Unknown, found written on a alley wall in Brixham)

In most American action films, a male characters gun is his phallus
(Teresa, Uni of Plymouth tutor)

Right. You say that enjoying ancient Roman galditorial games was despicable, but it’s the same as you enjoying an action film now, you still enjoy seeing people bashed up. Okay, so people aren’t killed in a film now but your subconscious doesn’t know that. As for me I would love to time travel to ancient Rome and do a documentary on the gladiatorial games.
(Me, to Teresa, while discussing the film Gladiator in a lecture, this was followed by splutters of indignation from Teresa)

I am cold and wet, just hurry up and kill me
Me directing fellow actor filming samurai sword fight in sleet.

Save your soul, come to Satan! Satan wants your heart! He wants to eat ya!
Shouted by Annabelle as satanic preacher, in comedy we filmed in busy city centre.

Being a film maker is like masturbating
John Carpenter

Tonight after dark , it will be clear and sunny
Tv presenter doing weather forecast

Your seminar must not involve graphic war images, the snorting of earthworms, or images of mucus,
(tutor who will remain nameless)

Shouted by irate racist in city centre at anti war protest.

Is the musical Fiddler On The Roof about a guy masturbating on a roof?
Student question on coach to see musical of same name.

Whats a sword?
17 year old girl from London, England – with English as her main language.

We are not worth we are not worthy we are not worthy we are not worthy we are not worthy we are not worthy we are not worthy we are not worthy………
Chanted by Gill and myself on our knees outside University principals office.

I am a lesbian, I fancy women
Ross Hodder (male)

One day, an angel came to this guy and said “there will be a great flood, you must leave”. The guy said “no, God will save me”. The angel said “suit yourself” and went back to heaven. The flood began and a motorboat came, the man asked the guy to “save yourself, come with me!” The guy said “no, God will save me”. The water rose higher until the guy was clinging to his roof, when some people came by on a raft, “want a lift” they asked. “no the guy said. “God will save me”. The flood rose higher and he swam to the church and cling to the spire, a helicopter offered to carry him to dry land. “no, God will save me” he said. The water rose still higher and he was drowned. When he got to Heaven he went to see God. “God” he asked “I have followed you faithfully, why did you not save me?” God looked annoyed “What do you think I was trying to do” he asked “ I sent one of my angels, then I sent a boat, a raft and a helicopter to save you!!!”
Story by Ross Hodder

Nothing hurts me except pain.
Conan the Barbarian.

Sensless Sensei
Junior member of martial arts class.

Do you want a strawberry and soap flavoured sweet?
Another junior martial arts student to me.

Myself and Ricky practicing the martial art Aikido, the word Aikido translates into The Way Of Harmony.

You are a sadistic psychopath
Shocked tutor upon viewing the film I made – a guy disembowels himself to some nice music- for the music video assignment.

Life is just a dream on the way to death
(The Crow City Of Angels)