To my twisted world...


Introductory Rant From The Webmistress

So, who the hell am i? Well most of the time I barely know.. I am me, thats true, but when society tries to make me into half a million conficting people, i feel that i am loosing my mind...

Anatomically, in this incarnation at least I am a girl, which means I have boobs and should, according to respectable people here in the free, advanced West, be into housework, cooking, babies, Sanrio, teddy bears and being a dutiful mindless automatic baby making machine. It makes me suicidal sometimes all this yapping on and on at me unable to respect that I am a person, not some controllable cyborg..

Oh and i live in England.

In the head, and in the soul I am an INDIVIDUAL. I wish i was sexless so that no sterotypes would be attached - i dont like sex anyway, i consider the massive hype over the mammalian reproductive process massivly overdone ("wow lets gawp at people trying to repoduce" is but a invention of Nature to keep the species in existance, not some wildly wonderful form of entertainment) but then in this world being sexless would also probably have some sterotype attached. I WANT TO SCREAM AGAINST IT. WHY CANT I BE FREE?

I had past lives in Atlantis, the Viking era, France, Japan and America as verified by past life regression.

In this life I am into film making i run Rebel Films - youll find the link in the column to your left- , under the screen name of Laura - thats Mum's request coz she is a conspiracy theorist. Thats right the aliens are out to get us, and the Government is waiting to whisk us all into underground labs to do inhuman experiments on us. I am a conspiracy theorist too in a way, though I tend to get on with life as well, coz i do believe deeply in the power of positive thinking affecting what will happen in the future. YOUR MIND IS YOUR MOST POWERFUL WEAPON IN YOUR FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!

I am interested in samurai martial arts (i train in Aikido, at 1st kyu grade and Iaido when i get the chance), fb swapping, penpals, goth, new age, The Celestine Prophecy, crystals, witchcraft, paranormal, past life regression, anomalous archaeology, samurai history, westerns, sci fi, fantasy, legends, ancient religions, hippies, swimming in the sea, controversy, socialisim, anti capitalisim, nature, being alone, acting, dreaming, freaky clothes, not conforming, multimedia, CGI, human and animal rights, free speech, revolution, manga, Lone Wolf And Cub, DVDs, chambara, special effects for film, ranting and living life to the maximum.

Life should be to learn, evolve in freedom, not to be here being bossed about by would - be cloners!

Email me if you wanna BUT i am NOT interested in buying viagra, marrying anyone, owning a credit card or phone (i already have a phone and a credit card), buying a septic tank, or any other boring capitalist spam.. I am also not a lesbian (not that i have anything against lesbians) so i am not turned on by emails full of pictures of naked ladies! All spam mail gets reported officially, so beware.

Heres my picture taken by Mum last summer - she bribed me with an ice cream.

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More to come as i roust out old essays and stuff.