This page is about my memories of this place, in the latter days and have come to me via a looooong series of dreams that i have had up until now (they are still happening) since 1999. I would like to share with you, in events order what i remember. In some cases the words i use may not be the right ones but our modern vocabluary limits what can be described.

I was a young girl, like i am now, but apparantly of Indian (thats India, not Native American) race. I was brought up in a big city, the daughter of some important official, and i was being trained to be a priestess (or something similar) in the city center temple (pyramid shaped... ). I had just undergone my initiation and was shown, by an older priestess what was being done in subbterrainian chambers under the temple. Here horrible experiments were being carried out on beings that were being bred to be half man half animal, reptilian looking people who seemed to be mind controlled slaves, etc. They were bred, i was told, as slaves to operate well in different enviroments in the world, so for example mer-people could be good spies underwater. In spite of the fact that this was the norm, i started questioning this in my own mind and became increasingly troubled. It is very hard to reject what you have been indoctrinated with as a child but it happened. I eventually spoke of my fears to a friend, and unthinkingly sparked off a chain of events. Many people were suspicious of what the priesthood/rulers (the same thing), were up to as even though mind control was a fact of life, genetically peoples brain waves are different and it will not effect everyone, and once my story was passed on - this information from an unnamed priestess, so it must be true- sparked riots, which resulted in the death of my father (who was targeted as an official), and the destruction of the mind control generator. Of course, retribution from the priest/rulers came hard and swift, and like many other people i fled the city.

Eventually, i joined up with a rebel group in a clifftop fortress by the sea - ancient even then and ruined- where we raided trade routes (in my dreams the descriptions of Mongol come up a lot to describe the trade routes although it was thousands of years before accepted Mongol history) and planned to try to re-take Atlantis one day and return it to what we believed to be good. With the technical and psychic training i had recieved as a young priestess, i was considered a valuable member of the group and eventually became one of the leaders.

Of course our raids didnt go unnoticed for ever and eventually a force came to get rid of us, we were subjected to both weapon and psychic attack, but a small group of us, about 5 or 6 escaped along the base of the cliff, shielded and hidden by the cliff itself.

At this time the weather was also becoming more unpredicatble, with extraordinary high tides, however it seemed the norm and not to worry, i wonder in retrospect if these were not "controlled" as when we were climbing along the base of the cliff one of these tides came in killing all but two of us who were strong swimmers.

soon after this the storms began. What in these days we would call a normal gale, wind you could just about walk in, but the waves used to break over the cliffs, even if the cliffs were 100ft high or so, i used to go and watch this a lot.

eventually one day it became very cloudy, and the high tide came in, the sea was dead calm, but the tide just didnt stop, it came in so fast but calmly that it was not frightening at all. It came up over the cliffs and my one thought was that maybe i would survive just floating on the top of it.. I lasted several hours this way but did eventaully succumb to the water...