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The first three pics are just a few of my favorite pics... My puppy. My best friend and me, and my first trip to meet the big eared bastard in Orlando, FL. The remaining six are from Greece my father is from the Island of Chios in the village Mesta and I'm lucky Enough to visit there often just about every other summer... a couple pics let you see Athens and some of the ruins. There is one of me on the island at the beach, which is about a mile Out side the village that we stay in. The other pictures are just of me and some of my American friends As well as Greek friends just hanging out enjoying what nightlife we can make of the island.

 My puppy   Anne_n_Georgia   Rose, Georgia and mickey in FL 
 The Acropolis 1995   Me and sister at the Acropolis 1995   Me on the island 2000
 Beach party Corfu 1998   Party at Eneticon 2001   I love my cousins 2002 
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