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Like any house, we take pride in our accomplishments. For being a relatively new house on campus, we have already achieved a lot of goals. Setting new ones each year ensures that our chapter shall never be satisfied, but constantly striving to improve.

Some of the many awards we have won recently:

5th place Tugs: 2003 (our first year out, defeating two squads)

Booter West was named DZ Dream Man: 2003

REC Basketball intramural champions: 2003

2nd REC Flag football intramurals: 2003

1st place Greek Week: 2002

Aaron Adams was named DZ Dream Man: 2002

3rd place Lip Sync DG Anchor Splash: 2002

Zak Hoffman won the Greek week 3k run (2001 & 2002)

Recieved Charter as Delta Eta Chapter: 2002

1st place DG Anchor Splash Syncronized swimming: 2002

1st place in the Sigma kappa golf outing: 2001

3rd place DZ Dream Man: Scott Parker (as a freshman) 2001

3rd place overall for Anchor splash w/ ASA & Skulls: 2001

3rd place overall for Greek Olympics/Week: 2001