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In 1999, Tau Kappa Epsilon was brought back onto the Northern Illinois campus.  Since that time, we have worked our way back into the leading role in the greek community as you remember it.  Our rush numbers remain high every year as a result of the dedication of our members, and the sororities vast support for our fraternity.  We have begun winning awards in athletics, academics, and are actively seeking involvement in greek affairs as well as community service.  

It is because of this success that we have seen that we are reaching out to you.  At the present time, we have a limited number of alumni contacts. We would like that to change.

We believe that the only hurdle left to pass on our road to reclaiming the crown of being the biggest and best fraternity on campus is to establish an alumni backing. Thank you, in advance, for your support of the Tau Kappa Epsilon legacy.

We are very dedicated and have no intentions to ease up.  We only hope our alumni will join us in our quest, in being the most powerful house on campus once again.

Yours in the bond,
NIU Tekes