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Surf Report - July 13, 2003 -

WindanSea at 5:45 AM -

Surf was good, and I was gonna go down the trail to The Shack and paddle out there.

- But -

My keen eyes spotted a few babes in the shorebreak, by Turtles - no Alpha Males around.

I had to take a slight detour, and perv on the 3 girls in the water -

This one - was the hottestof the three. Naturally, as soon as I paddled out, she stripped-off the dress.

There was another one swimming nekkid, but as she swam parallel to the beach, I tried to follow her along the water's edge.

There could not be anything more hilarious than to see a sixty year old man, running along the beach with flippers on both feet, dragging a kneeboard behind, with a camera glued to his eye.

Anyway - she was too fast for me so I surfed.

Waves were good!

Notables in the water, besides me:

Aussie Dale

Green Rocks Boys

    Hulk Size Eric Medium Size Eric Normal Size Rodney

Don't hackJay

Peter Wave Loch

Ran into Rod Rogers, a Paipo Boarder from Baltimore, MD -

Unca Billy, what's a Paipo Board?

If you gotta ask, you don't deserve to know!

Introduced him to Neptune's Corner:

    Mickey Minor Mike Croteau Peter Wave Loch Team Headhunter

Tomorrow should be good!

============================= photo:

(my comments in bold italics)


Nice South Swell - This is the Pier at San-O




Localism - Another Boring Piece of Crap by BA - the good stuff was written by others!  New - June 21, 2003

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2003 bill andrews and - All rights reserved, and I reserve the right to be stupid.


Oops Forgot Some Stuff:

Thought I'd better add some disclaimers:

* All of the tales I'm spinning are based upon facts of some sort.
* Most of the tales will be at least 50% factual.

I'm doing this web thing for a few reasons, and it is, and will be, "a work in progress" for a while:

1. It's an easy way for me to organize my "autobiography" so my kids will know a bit more about me.
2. I find this computer and internet stuff fascinating.
3. I was lucky to be able to start surfing - at least in my opinion - in the "Golden Age" of surfing - I do have some yarns to spin regarding those times.
4. This is an efficient way for some of the old guys to touch bases again - I've received a few e-mails from old (err, long-time) friends I've haven't seen in forty years or so - I think that's way cool.
5. I'm still surfing almost every day - and, at least in my opinion - that's a pretty "boss" thing to write about.
6. I think it will be nice, in a couple of years, to maybe look back at how good - or bad - the surf was in any given stretch of time.


2003 bill andrews and - All rights reserved, and I reserve the right to be stupid.