Listed here are articles that have to do with the JW Organization and it's rules and beliefs. That first is a list of articles I wrote because I did not see that anyone had addressed these issues in precise way or without promoting a denomination. Unfortunately, I have found that many articles voicing differing views with JW's are written by some of the most extreme and fundamental branches of Evangelical Protestantism. Many times they may blast JW's Armageddon threats, then turn right around and replace them with their own hellfire or "Left Behind" threats.

Many do not support women's equality and write very mean and unkind articles about individuals who's sexual orientation is gay.

Many of these far right extreme fundamental Evangelical groups slam JW's as a cult based merely on their disapproval of their Unitarian views of God or because JW's fail to embrace their belief in a non-earth/heaven-salvation. Yet, it is not just the fundamental non-Protestant faith groups they tag as cults. They also have slammed liberal faith groups such as the UU's and Bahia, for many of the same reasons.

Yet, what these extremist Evangelical Protestants fail to recognize is that there ARE many non-trinity faith groups that are neither JW or fundamental in nature. There also many Non-JW faith groups that also embrace the restored earth hope as their own, and some of these would include, the Hopi, many Native American tribes, 12 Tribe Rastafari, Bahia, and the Abraham Faith Church of God.

Also, while many of these far right fundamental Protestants slam JW's as well as many, if not all non-Evangelical Protestants, they fail to realize that many of these very Evangelicals doing this cult tagging of other groups are often identified as "cults" themselves. Many of this is also explained in my articles.


Many articles written by this web site I agree 100% with and they are listed here. However, having said that, this site also has written a few articles that I do NOT agree with at all. These would include the article on a pro-trinity position only and the article that about heaven being the only hope and that the restored earth belief is false. As I just stated, there ARE man NON-JW's who embrace a restored earth for themselves including many Native Americans.

Articles Topics By This Site:

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