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The Black Kettle Files: A Series of Articles Exposing The Far Right Fundamental Protestants Hyprocrisies In Slamming JW's & Mormons When They Are Guilty Of The same Things!

There seems to be a contridiction in our society. If one is of a extreme right fundamental ridgid faith group but does NOt embrace the trinity...then Protestants call them a "cult." However, if one is of an equally extreme right fundamental and ridgid and intolerant faith group but IS trinitarian and thus Protestant then they are accepted. Ironic that most of the most passionate attempts to warn the public about JW's and their ridgid ways comes from the most extreme and ridgid branches of Protestant itself.

Other than their constant complaint about JW's not embrace the trinity, of which the Evangelical/Fundamental Protestants consider bibical...their others warnings center on claims of social injustices, that they themselves are often blasted on in the media themselves. Thus, I have created the following series intiled, Calling The Kettle Black," that examines that extreme Protestant hyprocrisy and pointing the finger at JW's and trying to give advice.

Calling The Kettle Black Articles:

Part 1 -Bob Jones University Pastor Claims that JW's Seek New Deceptive Tactics! And I Found Some On Them!
Part 2 -JWs&Protestants - Comparing Their Fundamentalism
Part 3 -Southern Baptists Vs. JWs...A Comparitive View
Part 4- Facts On Walter Martin
Part 5 - Bob Jones Religious Hyprocrisy Exposed On Larry King Live!
Part 6 - The Fundamental Protestant Cult Taggers
Part 7 - Does This X-JW Support Cult Taggers?

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