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Kenny G.'s Songbird

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Romance novels by Joan Grammer!

Time travel adventure romance books! Historical Romance novels!

Hello. My name is Joan Grammer.
Thank you for visiting!

I have been reading romances since I was expecting my youngest child,
and started writing them when she went to school.
That child is now married with a family of her own.
I married the boy next door, my soul mate and best friend, 40 years ago.
Of course "it would never last,"
but we are still passionately in love with one another.
Our children are grown and we now live
comfortably near the Great Smokey Mountains in East Tennessee.

I have taken breaks from my writing to accomodate
two major moves, jobs, and to earn my college degree.
Now, I am writing romance novels, something I greatly enjoy.

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"Legend Love"
Time travel to 13th century England.
Heather finds chivalry,
romance, adventure and magic in a time long past.

When Ranaulf,
Lord of Braunwythe finds the little girl unconscious on his lands,
he takes it upon himself to become her protector.
When his Heather regains her memory, she fades away, back to her own time.
Heather had fallen in love with Lord Braunwythe,
the man she thought she had invented in her dreams.
Then on a television program she sees and remembers the castle of her imagination.
On a trip to the ruins, she steps through Braunwythe's gates,
and back to the 13th century.
Ranaulf and Heather must battle the evils,
of a conjuring woman to carve their 'Legend Love.'

Reviews for "Legend Love":

"Joan has created a wonderful pair in Heather and Ranaulf, a strong and well written hero and heroine." Sue Waldeck, Road To Romance

"With a love stronger than time itself, they overcome treachery, witchcraft and the obstacle of ages to live and love happily forever." Reviewed by Shannon Honea for Kim's Reviews

"...this is a very nice timetravel novel." Hartman and Barkman's Romance Reviews for You!

Kind words from readers of "Legend Love":

Lois: "You had better set aside some time to read this book...You won't want to put it down! "

Shirley: " it from cover to cover. Thank you Joan, for providing me with a wonderful escape into fantasy."

Susan: "I loved it. You did a great job."

Reid: "You signed a copy for my grandmother Pat...I am reading it is so good!"

Linda from Canada: "in January purchased the Legend Love book. I love how you made all the chacters come alive."

Kala: "The story holds everything I am interested in. ...awaiting the next book in this series. "

"Into History, Into My Heart"
Jayellen Conner loves history. When she gets the chance to take a history course in college, she happily enrolls. So immersed in her studies, she finds herself swept back in time to the year 1780. There she meets the subject of her research, Ben Hargrave, a surveyor for the northern Tennessee state line. Immediately, they know that they belong together, though time, the Cherokee, and one evil man try to keep them apart.

'Into History, Into My Heart' is filled with adventure and romance. A sensuous journey into America's past.

From readers of "Into History, Into My Heart":

Lisa: "...I couldn't put it down until I was finished. Can't wait until the next one! "

"Take My Hand, My Heart"
Marilyn Easton was enjoying a recreated Indian uprising when
she impulsively takes the hand of one of the cowboys.

Suddenly she finds herself back in the 19th century with real Indians and real bullets

and a very real and handsome cowboy!

"My Neighbor, My Love"

The story begins in central Illinois, it is
about two families; set in the years after the Civil War.
Both families are painfully touched by the War.
One family handles the loss and grief better than the other.
Paul, the oldest member of the Southern family, and Jenny, the youngest member of the
family from Illinois, find themselves drawn to one another.
Their adventures take them to New York, Texas and California.

Filled with love and adventure, these books will take
you to a time long past. 'Legend Love' and 'Into History, Into My Heart' are only available through this site,
at and locally here in my hometown. 'Take My Hand, My Heart' and 'My Neighbor, My Love' for now are only available through as a download.
The price for the paperback is $10.00 US. Plus $3.00 postage.
I am happy to accept PayPal.
And, I will happily sign and personalize copies of my books ordered here.

Please email me, with 'Legend Love' , or 'Into History, Into My Heart',
in the subject line, for additional information.
I will reply to each email personally.
Remember, I am also listed on
Search for my name or the books' titles.
heart birds

Please feel free to visit the links at the bottom of the page
to read samples of my books.

Click on a book jacket to read samples of the books.

Sample of Legend Love

Sample of Into History, Into My Heart

Sample of Take My Hand, My Heart

Sample of My Neighbor, My Love

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I am offering the time travel books for free on for a couple of days. They have been read by quite a few people but I am hoping for some reviews, good or bad, but of course I really like the good ones. I have also been giving some thought to editing the books with the very highly accented old English. Some feedback has been negative on the dialogue. Anyone having thoughts on this would be welcomed. Thanks!!

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