This is my fic... no, wait, that would not be a good parody. Anyway, if you're reading this, it means that a) you're literate, b) you like Daria, and c) you came here from one of my fics posted elsewhere. Or perhaps you've clicked on the link from my messages on Paperpusher's Board. Hi, guys:-)

Well, nothing fancy here, just a repository for my fanfic, which for now is mainly Daria. All my extant Daria fics are here, what few there are. (Please note that some have been dated by the events in the latter part of season four.) Let me know if you like them. Take it easy.

Guy (Decelaraptor)

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The Blue and Yellow Submarine
The Road Not Taken
Daria Allen
Bearcat Hollow
The Living in the Past Trilogy
My Poetry Pages (Non-Fanfic)
The Wee Ficlet's Pages

And coming soon! (Soon being a relative term, mind...)