Living in the Past

A Trilogy

consisting of

Up to Me

A New Day Yesterday

To Cry You a Song

These three fics, or perhaps "ficlets", are the result of an exercise I put myself through to cure the dreaded writer's block. When I was finished with them, I liked the results and decided to post them.

Thanks to my tendency toward procrastination, that was a few months ago. Hence, I must warn the reader that these fics take place sometime before "I Loathe a Parade" and after "Partner's Complaint."

About the titlesó They originate from the work of my favorite band, "Jethro Tull." There's no particular reason for this, except that "Living in the Past" seemed such a good title for the trilogy I thought why not use other Tull songs for the titles.

After wracking my brain to match a title to the story now called "Up to Me," never again will I foolishly commit myself to such a frustrating exercise, he lied;-)

I'd also like to point out that the premises I'm working from here are departures from canon, and that Quinn's former friend, Jane's former friendship, and Trent's other instrument are all products of my own fevered imagination; an attempt at "what if", rather than "what is".

And so, as Forrest Gump would put it, "That's all I have to say about that." Hope you enjoy them:-)

This is a work of fan fiction based on the television show "Daria," done for love and not profit.

"Daria" is copyright and trademark of MTV/Viacom.

Anything not owned by anyone else is copyright of William G. Payne, Jr.

  1. Up to Me
  2. A New Day Yesterday
  3. To Cry You a Song