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~ Final Fantasy Music(7 & 8) ~

Last Updated: June 14, 1999.

The box art for Final Fantasy 7 International

I have lots of music here because I LOVE the soundtracks of these two games. Whether or not you share that opinion, I won't bother you with any more talk -- you're here to listen to the MIDIs, not my yappin'. So, as the french say, "Bon apetit!"

____One of my favorites:

_______Aeris' Theme (FF7)

Final Fantasy VII

The Prelude
The Prelude - 2
Mako Reactor
Battle Theme
Boss Battle
Anxious Heart
Tifa's Theme
Flowers Blooming in the Church
Aeris's Theme
Who are you?
Holding My Thoughts in My Heart
World Map
Ahead On Our Way (Theme from Kalm)
On that day,five years ago...
Sephiroth's Theme
Casing After the Black-Caped Man
The Gold Saucer
The Flow of Life
Basement of the Shinra Mansion
Cid's Theme
Sending A Dream Into Space (Shera's Theme)
Interrupted by Fireworks (The Date)
Land of Falling Snow
Cloud is Sick
One Winged Angel (final battle)
One Winged Angel (Longer Version)
World Crisis (Ending Cinema)

Final Fantasy VIII

Battle Theme
Eyes On Me
Julia's Theme

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