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Points of Bible Doctrine 3


ICE Principle

Isogogical (teaching in light of the times and customs of the land), categorical (by categories), and exegetical (from the study of the original source documents). You need to study under a Pastor-Teacher who can teach you on this basis. Why waste time listening to someone who can only read to you from the King James (you can do that without understanding) or any of the numerous translations of it and come up with nothing?



Would a loving God deny a believer the joy of marriage, children relationships, church fellowship, and limit the intake of Bible Doctrine? Yes, I am living proof! (It ALL has to do with my sins finding me out!) Then, why am I continuing to take in Bible Doctrine (when I am allowed), and try to share same with others who want to learn and fellowship, and build a relationship with children who do not want a relationship? I bet you want to know the rest of the story!?


PRAYER (is a private matter)

Those public prayers, whether they are in the Church building, sports arena, or where ever are just gimmicks! YOU can pray at any time, any place without distrubing anyone. You can be in an attitude of prayer ALL the time!

Those long vociferous prayers that you hear in the Sanctuary, Sunday after Wednesday, or it may be Saturday, by one who delivers them with, more than likely unconfessed sins, are not consistent with the Plan of God. Those prayers dissipate before they hit the ceiling!

Here is my take on the Reality of Prayer; Some thirty three years ago, I returned from my Southern Baptist Church. As I turned on the TV, I heard a comment by one of the "Armstrongs" on his Sunday program about two mothers who prayed during W.W.II for their sons. One was an American mother, the other a German mother. Each was praying to God for the safety of their son. This gave me the realization of the reality of prayer. Prayer just aint what we have been taught it to be! Prayer is mankind addressing God in the right frame of mind about a situation that is or has been adjusted to the Justice of God. It is not this thing of, God give me this or that, or God heal me of this or that. If everyone could be healed, then why are some lame or sick? The healers prey on the emotions of mankind who are stupid enough to subscribe to them. Take note: some of are born lame, some healthy; some beautiful and some ugly (according to mankind); some tall and slender and some short and fat..., get the point!? The Essence of God (never changing) does not allow even Him (God) to change to accommodate mankind. God is Limited by Himself! The Pulpit continues to try and limit God! If He could change for you, then that would make Him a liar toward me.



God is No Respecter of Persons (2 Chr. 19:7; Rom. 2:11; Eph. 6:9; Col. 3:25)

How often have you heard the ploy on the emotions of churchgoers that God even knows the number of hairs on your head? True, but, insofar as one human being, when God will sacrifice the majority of mankind (let's talk in small terms, just 6-million Jews sacrificed in W.W.II), then you as an individual are not too significant! YOU ARE SIGNIFICANT, but it is only in the part that Y O U must, and will, play in carrying out His Plan that is important!



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My Points of Bible Doctrine 3

  • ICE Principle
  • God Does Limit Believers
  • Prayer (is a private matter)
  • Human Beings Are Insignificant to God

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