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Points of Bible Doctrine 1


John 3:16, 3:36, 5:24, 7:47, and 14:6
That, if I believe that Jesus Christ , The Son of God, died on the CROSS for my sins,
I shall be saved and have eternal life.
Now, as I understand it, there are no other provisos.
So, I do not have to do any works which mankind may try to put upon me, to be Saved!
I have filed my claim in that Jesus died for me, based upon HIS WORD.
Sure, I am going to sin after I am saved, but, it is because of the gift which God gave me at conception (the two natures: Godlike, and Old Sin Nature). I must do the best I can,
but there is no way for me to live above sin.
The OSN is going to cause me to sin, as Planned.
God Planned for the negative (Lucifer/Satan), before
HE Planned for the Positive, Jesus, and YOU and ME!
God's Way is strange and confusing to mankind (considering HE started in the Middle East with mankind, and the dark-skinned people, mostly, turned away from His Way, and HE had to turn to the Caucasian/white race to carry HIS message of the Truth. Still, HIS irony allows the dark-skinned to flow and mix with the Caucasian, which continues to dilute what seems to be HIS Plan), but,
ALL is going to work out as Planned!
Aint that nice?

NOTICE, if these comments present a problem for you, maybe you should get a handle on my ESSENCE OF GOD Page?



What do you know about Noah's (God's) ARK?
A (act of) R (random) K (kindness)
Did you catch the movie "Evan Almighty" depicting the story of the Ark, and how things are with the United States Congress, and, of course, the current state of disbelief?



NOTE: You have got to have a handle on the ESSENCE OF GOD (the Who and What He Is), before you can accept, appreciate, and understand what I am about to say here.
Scroll to the Essence of God Page.
Your free will (choice) allows you to read what I have to say, or move on to another site. What I share here with you is based upon, partly and mostly, the teachings I have received from a Pastor-Teacher, in the tape ministry! I have spent hour, days, weeks, months, and years listening and studying. So, don't expect to have a complete understanding from one sitting!

Just how free is your will? Your WILL is as free as as the creation Plan of God for your life!
Boy, this guy is crazy!
Hold on, listen, remember, you cannot learn with your mouth (mouse) open. Let go and let God! He is in control! Mankind is not in control. God Planned for you and me before He created the first Angel, not the First Adam. He planned for the time and place for you were to be born, the type person you are, the place for you to be born, the time, place and method of your departure from this earth. Now, I just know you already knew that!

Yes, you and I have FREE WILL within the boundaries of the Plan of God for our life. It might be nice for it to be like what you have taught; mankind in control, but, it aint!



I am living where I am suppose to be living, the life style I am living, but it is not what I want or what I like. If I could or could have changed it, I would already have done so. It is not a day, or week that goes by in my life that I do not say to God, 'God it should not be like this between You and me' then I switch it around in the same breath and say, 'God it should not be like this between me and You.' Now, nothing has changed! It surely has to be me!? Well, that revelation has not been forthcoming from God.

Some of us are tall, dark and handsome! Some of us are short, dark and ugly! Some are black, white, red, and in between! Some are born to be rich, poor, in between! Some are born to be healthy, some with poor health, blind, deformed, etc!
God is in control, NOT mankind! Now, do you get my point? Be content with such things as you have (Heb. 13:5). But, God planned my nature not to be content. I sure as hell am not content with my life situation, but I am where I am suppose to be so that another person can have a better life, or a worse life than I.

Now, send me your cards and letters, but please, please do not quote me Scripture(s) of which you do not understand.



Capital Punishment Is An Instrument of God!< Gen. 9:6; Num. 35:30-31>.

It is part of the Plan of God for the protection of the human race. You should note the dfference between "kill" and "murder." To kill is in the act of the State, or war to give society a remedy for an act of murder. Murder is the act of an individual who takes the life of another without cause. Current events: Serbs versus Kosovo. Muslims versus Iraqi. Serbs and Muslims are commiting murder...the U. S. and NATO are killing in an act of mercy! Get the point?



Is it the one in your chest or is it the one in the Right Lobe of Your Soul? Huh? I understand, it is not likely that you have ever heard of the Right Lobe of Your Soul! A Preacher cannot teach what he does not know! When the Preacher says: "... ask Jesus to come into your heart ..." which one is he referring too?

Now, turn to my other pages and bring to bear what I have to say about the
"heart,"and which heart!

I would be happy to read your email, maybe even respond to it! Others might
like to know what you think.


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My Points of Bible Doctrine 1

  • No Respecter of Persons
  • The Majority of Mankind is Destined to Hell
  • Believers Have Eternal Security
  • Right Man Right Woman
  • Crucifixion (no, not fiction) and the Passover

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