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The Sleeping Wyvern

© Carl Wellander of Elfwood

     Located on the docks, the Sleeping Wyvern, owned and operated by Bergen (known only by his last name), is among the most notorious taverns of Aquila. No more than a renovated old warehouse, the building is far from classy. It is dimly lit, and, more often than not, reeks of fish and ale. It is rare to find any of society's upper crust within the vicinity of the bar. One would be ill-advised to pass through the doors without a weapon displayed in plain view and the knowledge of how to use it at the forefront of the mind. A great majority of the Wyvern's patrons are in some way connected to the city's vast underground criminal community and they will not hesitate to take advantage of an unsuspecting newcomer. If you're looking for information in regard to one of the many elusive rogues of Aquila, this is the place to come; just be prepared to offer a reward for the services that you seek. If your goal is one of nutritional needs, it would be best to look elsewhere. The Wyvern serves only a small selection of watered-down ales, although great lengths are taken to satisfy some of the more infamous or valued customers.


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