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Town Square and Marketplace

©Mark Squire of the FFGF

          A stone fountain stands in the center of the square. The likeness of a young human woman kneeling and holding a tipped pitcher is the source of the water's stream. Within the fountain's basin swim several large goldfish. Surrounding the fountain, the town's vendors are preparing their stands and carts for the start of the day. The merchants come from ports and cities throughout the Realm, bringing with them both exotic and practical items. One is always guaranteed to find what they are are looking for on market day. Though the square is rather spacious, the number of merchants and the amount of wares they have brought with them make it seem extremely cramped. Yet, there always seems to be room for one more customer to squeeze into the crowd. With such a large gathering of people, Aquila's otherwise idyllic town square is anything but. Once the vendors begin to hawk their products and the old housewives begin to meet up and gossip about the most recent noble to be courting someone's uncle's best friend's daughter, the din can be heard throughout the town's streets.


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