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     Diverting the path of the main street of Aquila is the Nel'Fray Estate, known as Na'Broth. The view of the actual mansion is obstructed by the tall stone guard wall surrounding the grounds. The only way in or out is through one of the two gates. One entrance to the rear of Na'Broth is used only by the servants. The main gates, imported from across the sea of Cirya Ambar, are two large, thick, oaken doors, each if which is emblazoned with the Nel'Fray symbol of Ixion. Beside these doors hangs a cord that is attached to the bell. And do make sure you use it, as knocking goes quite unnoticed in this household.
     Once inside the guard wall, you find yourself in the midst of a large garden, and before you looms the house. Made of gray stone and constructed in the most gothic style imaginable, the mansion is a dark structure of spires, towers, and gables, all crawling with stone gargoyles which melt into the perpetual shadows as they guard their master's home.
     Entering the house through yet another set of double doors opened by one of the many servants, you are consumed by the darkness that is in some way welcoming and unnerving, both at the same time. As you are guided through the maze of hallways and countless rooms you take in the tapestries, which adorn the walls around you, lit only by the occasional torch placed in a convenient wall sconce. Any light that may have entered through the windows is most often blocked out by the heavy curtains drawn before them.


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