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Welcome to Alfred Mifsud's Magic Homepage.

Alfred and his wife Josette are known in Malta as:
The Balancing Magicians

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Alfred is a very versatile Magician who entertains both young and grown ups.

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Alfred & Josette perform regularly in various Night Spots around the Island. Every Sunday between 12.30 and 15.00 he is currently entertaining kids at the FORUM HOTEL ST ANDREWS.
School Assemblies, Children's parties and on many other special occasions.

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Alfred is very good to Entertain children
He presents a show full of surprises and thrilling experience.
He can Balance :-
A $10 note on his Nose
A Group of 3 Chairs
A Bicycle
A Ladder
A Tray full of Champagne Glasses on 2 Swords
A Newspaper

Just think what type of Entertainer He Is !!!

Josette and Alfred appeared often on the Local Television Stations:
P.B.S.,Super1, Smash ,Channel 12 and Channel 22. Illusion'98-Super1 TV. Net TV
He appeared on L-Ghodwa t-Tajba 20/02/98 and on Sibt Kumpanija on 21/02/98 and 28/03/98 *SELLILI* 30/04/98*Mit-Tnejn Sal-Gimgha 01/05/98, X'Ghandna 21/07/98
Brejk 12/08/98
Shuttle 22 on Channel 22.
Sibt u Hadd Sunday on Net TV
Weekend 2000

Mr Alfred
If you would like to know more about ALFRED MIFSUD read on and follow links to page 2 and see his photos :-

Alfred is a member of the I.B.M. He is Ex President of RING 202 Malta. AGM 27/09/98.
He performed in various countries and places : like - Italy: Venice, Perugia, Siena, Pomezia, Florence and in England:-
Coventry, Birmingham and in Manchester ..... Well hope to here from you. O.K. friends ?? Please wait till photos load..
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You may phone Alfred on: (+356 331098 )Mobile +356 09476179
Alfred's Address is:- 7 SIR ADRIAN DINGLI STREET

Mr Alfred-Cabaret

Children's Magic Corner.
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Alfred preparing a two hearts balloon to Debbie while in Malta-
-21 st August 1997.
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