Hey! Welcome to Save Buffy Now. Here we are aiming to get Buffy on at an earlier time slot in Australia(it's on at 10:30!). Feel free to e-mail me with any questions comments or queries.

Hi all, I recently recieved an e-mail from someone called Carolyn Stewart and she said she works for Big Hit magazine and that they were going to do an interview w/ Alyson Hannigan shortly and she was wondering if anyone had any questions for her and if they did could they e-mail her at bighit@terraplanet.com w/ any q.'s.

IMPORTANT ANOUNCMENT:I (Birdboy) have other e-mails and recently I have been getting e-mails to one of them(spikesprincess@hotmail.com) that have been for another page, called 'A home for Spike and Dru'. If you happen to own this site, please change the address on it and contact me so that I can send you all the e-mails I have gotten for your site.

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