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Victoria is one of my favorite cats. She is very pretty. She is the only all white cat. She seems to be a sort of sexy cat. It is said that Mr Mistoffelees has a major crush on her. We have yet to find out if she likes him. Just before the Introduction to the Jellicle Ball, Victoria does this thing with her leg most everyone wished they could do. She puts it straight up in the air! With pure muscle strength. No hands. Just leg. I love to watch her dance. All of them are great, but a select few seem to be a little bit better. I don't really have a favorite, but I plan on making some pages about the cats I really like. I had an idea. E-mail me with your favorite cat(s) and tell me the name and what you think about them. Also, I would like it if you gave me as much information as you know about them. I will post your message, even quote you, and make a page specially for that. I hope all of you Jellicles will take the time to e-mail me! That would be great! I could, if you want, put your e-mail address on the page. To do that, I would need specific permision from you. Anyway, this is supposed to be about Victoria. Well, I don't really have that much information about her as of now, but I am surfing the web to find what I can. If you have any suggestions of sites where I could find things about her, please e-mail me. I appriciate all replies that I recieve and thank you for taking the time to explore my page!