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Dewdrop's Jellicle Junkyard

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First, I would like everyone to know that anyone who who comes to this page is welcome! I encourage everyone to visit my message board and sign my guestbook! You are welcome to come back here as often as you like! If you want to become a part of "the group" in the message board, just drop by there and say hi. Hey, if you want to post on the board every day, I would definitely go for that! I love meeting people! So come on in and have fun!

Stop! Before you go any further, turn your speakers on!!! Hehe!!!!! :)

This site is about the broadway musical, by Andrew Loyd Webber and T.S. Eliot, CATS. For those of you who don't know me, I am Dewdrop! If any of you have some ideas for this page, I would be very glad to hear them!!!!

So you've never seen CATS,huh? Well, here's a little over view. It's about a tribe of cats called Jellicles. "Jellicle cats meet once a year to make what is known as the Jellicle choice" The Jellicle leader, Old Deuteronomy, decides who will go to the Heavyside Lair (aka...Kitty heaven) to be renued and come back to live a different life. The show is full of bright colorful lights, lighting up a show of spectacular song and dance. There is a song about the Pekes and the Pollicles. The Pugs and the Poms, as they are sometimes called, start a fight while the "big police dog was away from his beat". A giant cat called The Great Rumpus Cat comes out and scares every one of them off, just as the big police dog returns. Macavity is the evil outcast who commits does things he shouldn't but is never found at the scene of the crime. He kidnaps, or should I say, catnaps, Old Deuteronomy. When this happens, Magical Mr. Mistoffelees picks Cassandra, another of the Jellicles, to be his assistant in bringing Old Deuteronomy back. She dissapears and Old Deuteronomy reappears. Then as all the Jellicles are celebrating, Mr. Mistoffelees goes to the side of the stage and introduces Cassandra again. Later, Old Deuteronomy sings a song of how to ad-dress a cat and the show is over. I have left out some major parts, but this web page should explain most of it. I hope you enjoy what I have so far!!

I am the proud keeper of Jacob Brent's friendships!!! The Jacob Brent Guardian Angels watch over every part of Jacob to keep him safe. Join! Just in case you can't read the address, here it is again:
Have fun!

Thanks To:

JC for helping me.

for making this possible.

Most of all, The Jellicle tribe who helped me get started with this page!!!

I promise I will have more up soon!!! Please come back!

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